Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recount of Ivan Cleary Visit

On Wednesday 17th June 2009 at 1.30pm Ivan Cleary entered room 16.
Everyone was amazed that he was actually in our class.

After we welcomed him into our class Rhiana and Isaiah started to ask him questions about his life.

Then we lined up and headed to the field. Ivan Cleary went through some ball skills with us.
We were learnt to pass the ball left and to run to the ball. We were all on our best behaviour.
He taught us some skills, such as always hold the ball with two hands and hold the ball where you want to catch it.

After we finished ball skills it was time for Ivan Cleary to go. Ramona stood up and thanked Ivan Cleary for teaching us some ball skills. It was great having him teaching us some skills. We were very lucky.

By Beau and Meshaq


Marion said...

Hi Beau and Meshaq. It's great to have an expert come to work with you isn't it? I imagine you will be practicing your ball skills every day now so that you can become experts as well. Perhaps one day you might be the expert who visits schools and the kids will write about you!!!

Mrs Tele'a said...

Wow - Ivan Cleary teaching you ball skills and the opportunity to chat with him. The two of you must have been so excited - especially as you are both keen rugby league players. I would like to read more from you about this visit. Beau and Meshaq - what did he share with you about being a good sports person? Did he have some advice for you as young people who like to play sports - league? I will be sure to check back soon, hopefully I will find a blog post to answer my questions.
Keep it going boys.

Mrs Tele'a