Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Animal Adaptaions Explained

Animal adaptations are physical features that help animals survive. I am going to explain a few animal adaptations to you.

A giraffe has a long neck to reach high leaves and they have long tongue to slop around those prickly thorns.

A lion has sharp teeth for when they hunt down their prey. They use their sharp teeth to chew up their prey. A lion has a mane to scare away enemies and that’s how you can tell it’s a male.

A zebra has black and white stripes to camouflage itself to others.

A bird has wings so that they can fly away from enemies. Birds have very strong wings to help them fly far away from predators.

By Earle


Miss Aris said...

Hey Earle,

Thanks for explaining animal adaptations to me. You have given brief but clear explanations.

Keep it up

Olivia said...

Hey Earle
It's me Olivia. I really like the way you explained your story about Animal Adaptations.It was really good.
well done Earle.
Can't wait to see more from you
From Olivia