Friday, June 26, 2009

Animal Adaptations Poem

A Giraffe has a long neck to eat high leaves in high trees.
Nocturnal animals come out at night.
Iguana’s are reptiles that disguise themselves.
Monkey’s have tails to climb trees.
A Frog has a long tongue to catch insects.
Lions have a mane to scare other animals.
A horse has a mane to shake away insects.
Ducks have webbed feet to help them swim.
A Beaver has strong teeth to make a dam.
Polar bears have white fur to adapt to their habitat.
Tiger’s have stripe’s to adapt to their environment.
A Zebra has stripes to confuse predators.
The Elephant has a long trunk for grabbing objects.
In summer a polar bears fur turns brown.
Orangatang’s have long arms to swing from vine to vine.
Northern Elephant Seal has grey skin to hide from predators.
Snakes have quick speed.

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Olivia said...

Hey girls
I really like the way how you wrote this script about How the giraffe got it's long neck.well thats it from me. Keep up the good work.
From Olivia