Friday, June 26, 2009

Animal Adaptations

A penguin has blubber to keep warm.
Nocturnal animals include owls and bats.
Iguanas are coldblooded.
Monkeys have long tails for climbing trees.
Amazing sense of smell.
Long tongue for reaching leaves.

A zebra has stripes to camouflage.
Dogs have sharp teeth for biting animals.
A lion has sharp teeth to eat the flesh of their prey.
Polar bears are white for camouflage.
Tails for flicking flies.
A beaver has strong teeth to gnaw wood.
Turtles have shells as houses.
Iguanas blend into their environment.
Orangatangs have long arms to climb trees.
Noisy roars are heard from lions.
Stripy tigers use camouflage.

By Sela (Room 16)


Daisha said...

Hi sela,

Great acrostic poem, I loved it. Hey keep up the good work and I hope to put some work up too. Ok bye


Lorraine said...

hy sela,
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well keep up the good work