Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Should students be allowed to stay up late on a week night?

Should students be allowed to stay up late during the week? An adult talking like no one is sleeping, brothers and sisters watching television. The volume is very loud. It is so hard to go to sleep.

I think students should be allowed to stay up late during week days because it is impossible to go to sleep with the T.V very loud, adults talking, a radio fully blasted right next to my bed room and dogs barking very loud and crying because they want to be let off their chain.

YES! I do think students should be allowed to stay up late during the WEEK because we can not get to sleep with all the noises anyway.

By Meshaq (Room 16)


Marion said...

Hi Meshaq
You have some very valid reasons for staying awake but perhaps you could consider some other ways of getting to sleep. Good health depends on growing children having enough sleep, exercise, good food, water, love and mind activity. your mind and body cannot do their work well if you don't have enough sleep. Can you ask people to turn the volume down?
I often have to use ear plugs because even though I am middle aged I still need enough sleep.
Good luck! Marion

Lorraine said...

hy meshaq its me lorraine.
just looking at the blog and posting some comments on peoples
things and i agree we should be able to stay up late because theres heaps of cool stuff on
at night

Mrs Tele'a said...

Kiaorana Meshaq. Your opening line caught my attention. I read on...adults talking loudly...brothers and sisters watching tv...noisy people and animals. It reminded me of my childhood. I understand what you mean about it being difficult to sleep. But you know, somehow in amongst all the noise we fall asleep, often later rather than sooner.

Marion (one of your blog visitors) commented about sleep being important for health and growth. I know that you are a very keen league player and that these two things of health and growth would be very important to you.
Keep up the good writing Meshaq, I am very happy to read through this blog post and find that it belongs to you. Meitaki!

Miss Aris said...

So glad you posted this. You worked so hard. Love the introduction it has impact. Well done