Monday, June 15, 2009

Earths Rhyme

We have been busy learning about sustainability in class. We were given a challenge to create a song or poem about planet Earth. Here is our work, we hope you like it.

Can you help planet Earth survive?
Keep the environment clean during life.
Put your rubbish, paper, and food scraps away,
Or else planet earth is going to fade today.

When you plant trees it gives you food and wood,
People would and could so you should.
Use the same bottle every day,
It saves money and keeps earth awake.

If you’re not going far don’t use the car.
Go for a walk that’s who you are.
Me, myself, is planet Earth.
Protect me I am your turf.

By Earle and Isaiah


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Wow Earle and Isaiah,
That was a great rhyme poem about the earth. I liked how you said to walk if you can instead of taking the car. Why does that help the earth?

Earle and isaiah said...

Walking and not taking the car will help the Earth by reducing the amount of fumes in the air. It will stop the nasty fumes from polluting the air. This will help our planet.

From Earle and Isaiah

MIss Aris (RM 16) said...

You boys worked really hard on this. I am so impressed. A fun rhyme with a great message. Use your feet and hit the street- imagine all the cool peeps you'll meet!

Kupakwashe,room15 said...

Hi Earle and Isiah,
I definitley agree that if your not going far you shouldn't use a car because that causes global warming.I can't wait to see more of your work.