Friday, June 5, 2009

Animal Haiku Poems

Ki Ora, I have written three Haiku poems. Can you guess what animal each one is about? Let me know what you think.

1)Has a dorsal fin.
Glides through water easily.
Eating fish daily.

2) Is a flightless bird.
Fish is its favorite food.
Swims through cold water.

3)Swings through the jungle.
Eats bananas from the tree.
Has two very long arms.


Marion said...

Your poems describe a shark, a penguin and a monkey I think??
You have given some good clues but were they enough to help me get the correct answers Tama?

Tama said...

You are right about the last two but keep guessing on the first one.


Anonymous said...

is the first one describing a dolphin?

Anonymous said...

it's a dolphin than a penguin and than a monkey right?