Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rugby Report

On Friday 5th of June the Open Grade Bays walked downed to Dunkirk Rugby field, to play Kedgeley. When we first saw them most of the team felt scared especially Joseph from Team two. He kept on talking about how big they were, but when we played it was easy to tackle them. Kedgeley scored a few minutes after kick off. They scored three times in the first half and Jayden scored on try. When we had the ball, Loma ran it up and the Kedgeley players said “dump him, dump him” and then he got dumped and Mr. Fatialofa took Loma off. In the second half Kedgeley scored 4 more times and Jayden scored his second try. Overall we lost, but it was a good games.

By Christian, Room 15


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Christian,
That was a great piece of writing and even though you didn't win, I'm glad that you enjoyed yourselves and had fun.

Siosaia said...

Hi Christian,
Your writing was good.I'm glad that you guys had fun. I'm also proud of Jayden getting his second try.

By Siosaia Tukuafu.

MeleA said...

Hi Christian,
It is really good to hear that you were having fun playing rugby.It is really good that jayden scored his second try.

By Mele A

Erika said...

Wow! Christian.
I am glad that you had great fun with your mates and I am happy that you guys tried your best.

From Erika Gataua.

Utufiu Niko said...

Hey Chistian,

I like your story about your game. Keep it up.I'm glad you had fun.

From : Utufiu