Friday, September 25, 2009

Valerie's Term 3 Reflection

This term has been a busy term this year. We have had to do a lot of things. Our open grade girls’ rugby team made it into the finals at Eden Park. Everyone was relieved because this was the first time we have ever made it into the finals. It’s a shame Courtney and I had to stand out of a few games because of our behaviour, but we had faith in the girls and they played some games without us but dedicated them to us. That was a good thing to do. The under 55kg boys made it into the finals as well. Year 8s haven’t had that much house sports that much because of our behaviour issues. But the house sports we have had has been fun ! We are already starting to organise and plan haka-waiata for next term. This is going to be hard but despite being a leader this is a job we have to do as part of our leadership. Next term will be a lot harder because of haka-waiata and other duties but for me term 3 has been a lot of fun. Technology has been interesting this term. Learning how to play the guitar was awesome. We have just finished our netball season as well which was cool. Playing netball every Tuesday was amazing because I love to play netball. A lot of sports have been happening lately such as touch trials, gutter board and the 1km run. It has been exhausting. Term 3 is finally over and we now have to wait for term 4!
Valerie Room 15.

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