Friday, September 25, 2009

Room 15 Class Report - Working Bees, Striving to Achieve........

Room 15 students reflect on term 3 and share their thoughts.

“Making a music video with my friends in technology was the highlight for me” Mele

“The Tongan trip was the most awesome experience for me this term. Looking forward to going back to Tonga” Tipiloma

“A positive for me this term has to be rugby. It’s the first time the Open Grade Girls have made it to the finals and I get to be part of that team” Patricia

“For me the best thing this term would be League. We made it to the Champion of Champions finals. Great stuff guys!” Taverio

“PYCC is just great!” It is fun, invigorating and I get to lose some weight” Laykin

‘The trip to the museum was interesting. I gained heaps of knowledge” Melehifo

“I learnt how to play the guitar at technology. I’m thrilled and excited” Matilda

“PYCC is the best!” “Do you know why?” It’s because we don’t do work for a whole block” DJ

“A great achievement for me this term was to play for the school volleyball team. Being voted played of the day by my team mates at the EZ Volleyball Tournament was the icing on the cake” Kupakwashe

“The Endless Praise Youth Band was awesome this term. I was really motivated by them” Eli

“A trip to the Careens Expo was great this term. I found it inspiring and I got to talk about my career choice for the blog” Levi

“I feel proud of all the sports reports I have written for our blog page. My teacher says that I capture the action so well in my writing. “ Seneti

“I am top of the class for the number of published work on the blog. What can I say? I am a computer whiz” Boaza

‘I have improved a lot with my reading and writing. This is an achievement for me” Joel

“Rugby was fantastic this term. We always won and we got to challenge Viscount at Eden Park” Valerie and Courtney

“The thing I liked this term was accompanying the school teams when they went out to play sport. I get to capture the action by taking photos or videoing.” “That was so cool!” Sharma

“Our Duffy Book Assemblies were fantastic this term” The guests who spoke to us were awesome role models. They were Geoff Knight and Billy Graham.” Storm

“ESOL has helped me with my reading, writing and speaking English. Thanks Mrs. Baker! Zeenat

“Geometry was cool. Angles and more angles, tessellations and transformations. We enjoyed geometry” Patrick

“Researching Discoveries in medicine was interesting. Inquiry learning is an awesome way to learn” Daniel

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