Friday, September 25, 2009

Laykin's Term 3 Reflection

WOW!!This term was really awesome because we had lots of activities that were fun, exciting and terrific. P.Y.C.C was the best for me this term because we got to play all kinds of active games like basketball, octopus and my favourite game dodge ball. Those games had my heart pumping and jumping.

The other great thing this term was mathex. It’s like an active challenge and a brain testing challenge. We were against room 16 our next door neighbour (the other extension class). We were running, thinking, writing and sweating. At the end we had lots of people that were tired and worn out but enjoyed the Mathex.

There was also another fascinating thing we did. It was going to the Careers Expo where there was job information and opportunities. They were handing out tickets, pamphlets, books, pens, bags and even lollies. We had heaps of people running around looking for interesting careers. We had lots of fun there and learnt a lot from that place.

In the end term 3 was fantastic because we got to do all this things, learn all these new stuff for the future and know what to do for when we finish college or even university. MAN!! This term was the perfect.

By Laykin Room15

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