Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Room 11 had fun learning in Term 3

In the past eight weeks on Fridays, Room 11 and I have been going to do art in the art room with Mrs Baker. She taught us how to draw all sorts of fruit shapes. I was also rewarded by Mrs Baker. She gave me my own art book.
Throughout this term during writing lessons, I have learnt how to write explanations and also instructions.
Miss Parker taught me how to work out fractions. We have been doing activities such as how many pieces of pizza there are and how many have been taken away. We also learnt other things about fractions such as adding fractions and subtracting fractions. That was fun.
This term I also learnt to speak the Samoan language. We also learnt how to say sentences about food in Samoan.
Miss Parker filled my brain with information about healthy food and unhealthy food like Kentucky fried chicken and how it is not good for us. We also learnt about healthy food such as rice, pasta, fruit, vegetables and nuts.
In technology we have been working very hard with Mr Brainch in Hard Materials. He taught us how to use tools and to be careful when using tools as they are dangerous. He taught me how to use tools I have never used before.

By Ocean

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