Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Room 16’s Awesome learning Report

With Miss Walley on her big Overseas Experience in Britain, we wondered who our teacher would be in Term 3. It was good to know that Mrs. Raj and
Mrs. Bailey would be our teachers. Our fears were gone before long.
Mrs. Raj taught us a lot. We read a lot of interesting stories and did reading activities according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Our reading activities are interesting and are displayed with pride on our classroom walls.
We have all improved in our writing too. We have written explanations, instructions, poems and recounts. A lot of our writing is podcast and uploaded to our blog. Each one of us students has done work for our blog and this has made us gain confidence in ourselves.
In Maths we have learnt about shapes, rotations, tessellations, symmetry, fractions and algebra patterns.
Mrs. Bailey has been a real good teacher who taught us Te Reo Maori, Science and P.E. We learn a lot from her. She has helped us do ‘Inquiry learning’ about healthy food.
This term we learnt a lot about healthy eating, being fit, relaxing, sleeping enough and not getting caught up in the “Grease Trap” of advertisements which make us buy and eat junk food that is not healthy for us. X-Country has made us more fit and keen. We have become healthy and fit this term.
In this busy term we still fitted in singing, choir practices, drama, fitness runs, assessments and much more. Term 3 was very good. We are looking forward to term 4 which we know will surely be ‘fun in the sun’!

By Synergy and Sela

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