Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Exciting Term 3

Term 3 started with great excitement. Our topic for study was “Grease Trap”.
This term we did Explanation and Instruction Writing. These two are related and they both tell us how something is made or done. Instructions are full of commands and we use the instructions to make something. We use an explanation to find out how something is done, or how and why something works. We did lots of writing and Mrs. Nirmala says that we are really good at writing. We read School Journals, Chapter Books, advertisements, newspaper articles and many more texts. We are becoming fluent readers too.
In Geometry, we used protractors, compasses and rulers to draw and measure shapes. We know that the study of geometry is all about sizes and shapes. We learnt to draw circles, made tessellations and drew 2D and 3D objects. We really enjoyed drawing circles. It is not that easy as it looks. In Numeracy we are learning about fractions. It is really hard for most of us but we are trying our best.
We are becoming fitter and healthier because we do fitness runs and also fitness stations on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s. We could do the X-country run very well because we practiced running. The year 7 teachers organise house sports activities every Friday and we love it. We thank the teachers for this. We also did Gymnastics this term. We were scared in the beginning but developed confidence later. Gymnastics helps us to strengthen our body, develop flexibility, self-discipline and self confidence.
We have singing on Monday’s and we enjoy it. The best part is we are getting used to singing as a group and we have developed confidence to sing in front of people and we are not nervous any more. Hope the last term of the year is as good as the last three terms.

By Maroussia

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Very thoughtfull post on confidence .It should be very much helpfull

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