Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In term 3 I have learnt how to name food in Samoan. I also learnt how to say sentences like ‘’Ou te fiafia e ai le keke’ which means I like to eat cake.
In ICT we have been going to the ICT lab to do our work. We did a photo story where we had to choose pictures and write captions to go with the picture. We also learnt how to put music on our photo stories. There was a lady who came to help us in the ICT lab and she was most impressed with how Huingamate worked.
For topic this term we have been learning about healthy food and unhealthy food and how they are advertised.
For technology we were in music class with Miss Dekker. I know how to play some songs on the Ukulele now. It was fun in the music class with Miss Dekker.
For mathematics I learnt what a denominator is and what a numerator is. I also learnt about angles and that a whole circle is 360® and half of a circle is 180®.
This term the school councillors were running a gutter board competition. We all had to take part in. Gutter board is a fun game and our class champions are Malama and George.

By Alysha

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