Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jorjah's Poem

Jorjah's brilliant Father's Day Poem.


Mrs. Raj said...

Well done for writing and reciting your Father's Day poem in such a lovely manner.
Keep up the good work Jorjah!

Miss Walley said...

Hello Jorjah

Wow that was a great poem. You used some good descriptive language. I think your Dad would be very happy to have such a lovely poem written about himself.

From Miss Walley

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Your dad seems to have many talents.
Aren't you a proud girl? Keep up the good writing.

christina said...

Jorjah, I am going to share your poem with students in the school I teeach at so they can hear a really good example of how to paint a picture with words

Aunty Erin said...

Your Dad would love that poem. He would be very proud of you & I am too!