Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday the 13th

In this screegrab from a NASA video, the four planets align.Jupiter is lining up with Venus and Mercury early this morning in a celestial dance that was visible across Australia’s eastern skies from 5am today, just before sunrise.
The alignment of the four planets happens only once every 50-100 years, and very rarely on Friday the 13th.
The last time these planets were observed together was in October 1910.
Four planets align on Friday the 13th
World won’t end, great day for lovers
Some may fear four planets falling into line on Friday the 13th could herald the end of days.
However, a Cairns astrologer is assured the apocalypse is not upon us-rather it’s a good day for asking others out on a date.

"Don’t really believe it's an unlucky day. It’s been a lucky day for me. Did an awesome Google search and the teacher was proud of me". Bradley
"Some people have bad days, some have good days and some even have parties. I think it is a good day". Vanessa

"Does not really worry me. Just a normal day" Ashley
"I don’t believe in it. People say that if a black cat walks in front of you, you turn around and walk the other way". Vaegaau

"I don’t believe in it. It’s just a myth". Erika
"Another normal day I guess!" Apelu

"People say it’s the devil’s day". Toa
"Just an ordinary, normal day for me". Cherub

"Not a good day. My internet didn’t work today". Samuel
"Just like any other day". Moanarangi

"I don’t believe in it because nothing really bad happened to me". Page
"Normal school day for me". Yolenda

"I think it’s real because Lafiti kicked the ball at my head today". Quinton
"I don’t really care. Nothing bad happens to me". Picilla

"Just another normal Friday". Saitia
"I sort of believe it because I had bad luck". Ro June

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