Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

My name is Saitia. I'm from room 1 and I am writing
this special letter to tell you about my mum and all
the things she does for me and my family.

First let me tell you about my mum. My mum's name is Ta'and she
is really cool because she is very loving she loves all my friends
when they come over. She even treats them like her own
kids. She is also supportive in everything I do in school
or at my games.

I like my mum because she looks after me and she buys all my
books and uniform for school and even my rugby gear.
My mum is a big influence in my life because she always teaches
me to be kind to everyone and always play fair and help
people that are in need.

I think my mum deserves to win because of everything she
does for me and I want to show her that I care for her and
I love her and that's why I am writing this letter.


Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Saitia you have done very well telling the viewers about your mum. Great writing.

Martha said...

wow Saitia you've done a wonderful job of wrting a story about your mum, for mothers day.

From Martha

samuel said...

hi saitia you have done well using big words to describe your mother.

Anamanu said...

Hi Saitia,

Your mum is so lucky that you wrote the loving letter to her.She must be very proud of you for your lovely work.I wish i had a mum like you.I like the part how you said ''When ever my friends come over she always treat's them like there own kids''.

Bye! Anamanu