Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

Hi my name is Ina Niu and I am from Tuvalu. I have just started at Tamaki Intermediate at the beginning of term 1.
I am writing to you to tell you about how special my mum is and hopefully to persuade you.

My mum’s name is Exeter Taafaki and she is also from Tuvalu. My mum is a great and lovely person. She always tries her best to make money to feed the whole family. She cares al lot for people. If we had a family member that had nowhere to live she would welcome them in with a beautiful smile. That’s how loyal she is to our family. If my sisters or I had a school situation she will find a way to solve the problem because she wants us to have a good education, a good job and a great life when we grow up.

My mum is a very busy lady but she always tries to find time to spend with us. If we had no food to eat she would go to the bank and withdraw money even if she hadn’t paid her bills. She will take the money out and make sure that we have delicious food to eat.

My mum has a lot of special qualities. She influences me in a lot of ways. She tells us that school is important and that we should never miss a day of school because it would ruin our life when we grow up. My mum also tells me to learn really hard in school because when I grow up I will have successful job.

I love my mum very much for what she does for our family. I hope I have convinced you what a special lady she is.
Thank you for reading about what I have to say about my special mum.

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