Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

My name is Vai and I am writing this letter to you about my mum and the wonderful things she does for me and my family.

My mum’s name is Luti Tafea. She is a teacher at Tamaki Intermediate School. She does her best to teach her class and she also helps us with work at home. She is a generous, caring person. She also has a lovely smile that lights up the room. I just love it when she hugs me because it makes me feel safe. When I’m down she cheers me up. She is a passionate and loving person.

My mum cooks us delicious meals. She even takes us training every day. She plays games with us in her spare time. She is a cool mum!

I think my mum deserves the book prize for all the things we’ve been through together and the things she does for her family.

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