Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

My name is Yolenda and I am in room1.

My mum attends the Auckland University, she is studying to get her masters and she is working so hard.
That's why my mum deserves to get a gift and I am so lucky to have her in her life

As a single parent she would do anything for their children.
She gives up anything to make us happy. When she was on her study break she took us to the Waitakere Ranges, Sky tower, Am bran Farm, and boat Cruz around the harbour. During the Christmas holidays she spent $200 on petrol and we went down to Taupo and Rotorua, at Rotorua we went on a jet boat ride. The prize was $120 but she still bought the ride and I had a lot of fun.

I am writing to you because I have the most amazing mother in the whole Universe. She deserves a gift because even though she is a single parent and doesn't have a job she always finds money to feed us and clothe us. She gives up her study time to spend with us even though her study work is due the next day.

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