Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

Dear Mrs Baker

Hello my name is Mowbray and I am writing to you about my amazing and very helpful Mum. She is a mother of 9 children and is a grandmother to 4 grandchildren.

The name of this beautiful and helpful mum is Hitelenisia. She is a Tongan woman who has short dark black hair, a generous personality, and a beautiful loving smile. My Mum is retired and now is a housewife.

This is why she is the best mum in the world because when she is at home she will often be looking after her grandson while his mother is at work. She would also always help me with my homework and when I come back from school, there’s always yummy food for me at home.

I love my Mum very much and I wish she would always be there for me.

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