Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Mrs Baker

My name is Sheralee and I am in room 1 extension class. I am Maori and European and I just adore my mum. The purpose of my writing this letter is to tell you why my mum deserves the Duffy book award that I would love to give to her! Well where do I begin?

Words alone cannot describe the feeling I have for my mum. My mum's name is Trudie Te Hemoata Cook and she is a passionate about her job which is a caregiver for Health Care New Zealand. She is also a generous, down to earth and talented woman. My mum means the world to me and I will never give her up or trade her for any other mother. Sadly when my mum was younger she never got to meet her mother and when she was eleven years of age her mum passed away. So my mum made sure that she provided my family and I with everything that we needed and she made sure that we got to know her properly even though she never knew her mother.When you look into my mum's light brown eyes you can see that she is also passionate and committed to being a mother. She also has long black hair and is hundred percent loving.

My mother has a lot of special qualities and to me she is the bread winner in the house! She works hard and makes sure that we have food in our tummies and that we will never attend school hungry. Personally I think that I am the luckiest girl in the world being able to have such a loving and caring mum like my mum even though we don't have any extravagant things. I will always love her! I wrote a poem for my mum and this is how it goes.

M is for: the Memories that we have share together.
O is for I Owe you one for bringing me into this world.
T is for Thanking you for being my mum.
H is for Helping me and supporting me when I really need it.
E is for Extending your love to the maximum
and R is for I will never put you in a Retirement home!

Like this poem the love we share has gone beyond the known!! Thank you Mrs Baker for reading my letter and I hope that you now know why my mum is the best mum ever!

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