Friday, June 25, 2010

........Monster Horror........

My three friends Justin, Sam, Cody and I were walking along the path to SPRONX when suddenly a hideous deformed creature struck us from behind. “Help me! Help me!” was going over and over in my head. We were petrified and we sped through a narrow alley way which was the nearest escape route that we could find. Once we thought we were safe at the end of the alley, we stopped running.

“We made it!” Justin yelled out.

“I DONT THINK SO,” screamed the creature that was now standing right in front of us again. “Don’t celebrate too early,” he yelled as we got a glimpse of the evil in its eyes.

As we tried to escape, we were trying to hide the feelings that were racing around inside us. He opened his mouth and a smell of an old rotten can of tuna blew right into our faces.

We stood there thinking, “What is it doing?” and as we speed quickly away covering our mouths. As we ran the sun began to rise and shine very heavily upon the creature. The creature started to turn into stone slowly from its feet to the tip of its head. It started to scream in horror as its body shattered into ashes captured with its horrified soul.

We stood there as if we were turned into stone with our eyes wide open and as our mouths released open with dried out saliva not knowing to believe or to think that this thing that we just saw was true.

After our one of a kind experience Sam and Justin would try to tell every one the story while Cody and I would just stand there quietly and not say a word.

By Maroussia


Anonymous said...

Hey Maroussia, I really like your descriptive writing. It's fun and creative. keep up the good work.

By Lana Room 2
Tamaki Intermediate

Anonymous said...

hey siiyah! your descriptive writing is very AWESOME!! you have an creative and imaginary mind, i love the way you started your writing because it really hooked me i9nto the story!

well keep up the good work and i hope i get to hear more from you and your stories. WELL DONE!