Friday, June 25, 2010

1970 KFC Ad

Back in 1970 K.F.C made an advertisement and in that ad there is a chubby little boy named Hugo and a chubby little girl named Holly.

Hugo and Holly along with their parents are going to go have some K.F.C but it was taking so long and the kids are bored, but when they arrived at K.F.C their eyes light up and they are fighting over who was going to go and get the food. Holly won and so Hugo goes and get the food and when he comes back they are stuffing their faces with as much chicken as they could and they then head home and were as happy as could be.

The things that I like about the advertisement are that it is a cartoon not a real life ad. I also I think it is an awesome idea to have animals and to make everything so happy when they finally get their K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Although it is a cartoon, it is believable and what happens in that ad would usually happen in a normal, everyday family.

The only thing that I would change would be to make the kids slim, not chubby and fat.

No this advertisement would not work today because well I mean who would buy something that would make you that obese and advertisers today don’t use cartoons any more. They use real people because this is living proof there product is good.

By Jorjah Rm 2


Agnes and Robertanna said...

thats a cool story we loved it and we would love to read more of your recounts

Agnes and Robertanna

Shaye said...

Hi Jorjah.

I can't believe you do work at school but not at home! your story thing was so cool! Shaye