Friday, June 25, 2010

1970 Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad

In 1970 a KFC advertisement was made which features cartoon characters Hugo and his family.

The animated advert looks incredible as it had intense colours and detail for its time.

It is extremely amusing and cheerful as two chunky eager children sing a tremendous jingle on their way to KFC. The ad features many animals having picnics as Hugo and his family drive to the KFC outlet. The animals are portrayed as bouncing which makes the cartoon appealing. When they finally reach the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet the children keenly eat the mouth watering chicken as if they haven’t eaten for days.

I believe this ad will still work in current times as most advertisements these days are not cartoons and the ones that are will usually be too graphic and too descriptive and do not give you a feel of a fun family meal. I also think this add will appeal to children and adults rather than just children or just adults.

The only thing I would change about the advertisement would be to replace the jingle they sing to a more recent category of music which would appeal to more modern families.

By Synergy Rm2


Anonymous said...

i woke up this morning with almost the whole song in my head! i so enjoyed that ad !
...a drive isn't funny,
with an empty tummy,
thank goodness for kentucky fried !

Anonymous said...

There are many critics that would suggest that two tubby children eating KFC is not a good image to portray for children as obesity is just one issue that children are facing in 2011. Unfortunately everything has had the fun sucked out of it and now everything is serious and questioned as to whether things are appropriate or not..