Tuesday, June 1, 2010


On Tuesday 18 May 10 students from our school participated on a tree adventure trip held in Wood-hill Forest.

Firstly we waited for the police to arrive and their vans to pick us up. When they arrived the girls hopped into one van and the boys hopped into the other van. We stopped of at Point England School to pick up some other students.

It was sure a long drive but we were excited and nervous at the same time. When we arrived at the place, the fun began. After that we changed into our P.E gear and then we put on our harness for safety. We were eager and a little freaked out at how high the obstacles were.

We got to do each course after the tree adventure staff showed us how it’s used. Everyone was eager to start.

Eventually we started and everyone went on different kinds of courses and levels. Some of us made it to the end course which was number 8.
Last of all we ended our fun adventure and headed back to school. We took off our safety gear and said thank you to the staff and headed back. When we returned, we were exhausted from all that fun activity. Thanks to the police for transporting us safely to the tree adventure and back.

By Berttina


Glenbrae Room 7 said...

HI Berttina,
Sounds like you sure had to push yourselves to the max in this challenging activity. It must have been very hard to climb so high even though you had safety gear on. What treemendous fun for you all.
Mrs Boyer

JorjahRm2 said...

Hi Berttina
Sounds like you had an awesome time.
I would probably either fall off or wouldn't go on because i would have been too scared. You are so brave.

By Jorjah

Sela Rm2 said...

Hi Berttina,
It sure sounds like you had a lot of fun and had a great adventure. I wish I could have come with you. I hope the others enjoyed it as much as you did. Keep up the awesome writing!!
Sela Tukuafu

Daisha Rm2 said...

Hi Berttina!
That tree adventure sounds like a lot of fun!
Hope you and the others enjoyed yourselves!!
Great piece of writing!!
Keep it up!


Olivia Rm2 said...

Hello Berttina

I liked the way you explained how fun it was at tree climbing. It sounds like you were scared at first but that's nothing for you. good job Berttina.

maroussia rm2 said...

Hi Bertina i guess you had so much fun there better than doing school work right, i liked the way you expressed your feelings towards the tree adventure. i hope i was there to enjoy the fun with you, i sure hope i will hear from you and your adventures again.Bye

Maroussia rm2

Rhiana Rm2 said...

Hi Bettina,
Sounds like you sure had so much fun out there. I really enjoyed that you expressed yourself very well. It would have been an adventure to climb so high even though you had safty gear on. I wish I was there to experience what you were doing.

Rhiana rm2

phillip rm2 said...

AMAZING! you must of been terified to be so high off the ground. I'm sure you had lots of fun doing heaps of activities and had learnt to give it a try.

By Phillip .

Nelya room2 said...

Wow! you must have been so scared being up so high!I would have been!Well at least you had a wonderful time being up there!Well done with your writing keep going on hard on what you want!

Nelya room2.

tama junior room2 said...

WOW!you must of had a great adventure clibming trees and doing the fun courses. You all must be terified being up so high above the ground, I wish I was there to experiance the tree climbing adventure. You are all lucky.Your
writing was like I was there at the tree adventure.


Hita said...

Kia Ora Berttina

Nice work on this piece of writing I really enjoyed reading it. It sure sounded like you had a lot of fun. Keep Up the great work!

Longo rm2 said...

Hi Berttina,
It really did sounded like you had a great time i wished I was there because it really really sounded fun.

Raiden Rm2 said...

that trip sounds like you had lots of fun and I hope you did. Nice writing to and there are a lot of good adjectives that I spotted. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey Berttina,

we liked your story about the tree adventure and i hope you enjoyed it.
you must of pushed yourselves to this challenge.

by Sheralee, Erika, Afu, and Vaegaau

Ofa Kautai said...

Now that was a job well done.
That is a really good exparience for you.... KA PAI!

Lana Pulepule said...

Hey Berttina, i really love your tree adventure writing. I bet you it was really cool and fun. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Keep up the good work.

Lana Room 2