Friday, September 26, 2008

Year 7 Cultural Expo

Learning about Festivals and Celebrations in New Zealand and other parts of the World was a great experience and was fun. Room 1 studied about the festivals, celebrations and ceremonies in the United Kingdom. Students researched information on St. Patrick's Day, May Day, Guy Fawke's Day, the Royal ceremonies etc. Room 8 studied about important festivals and celebrations in India. Room 9 studied about the culture of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Room 11 studied about Japanese clothes, food, and celebrations in Japan. Room 12 learned all about South African people, places, festivals and celebrations and Room 16 researched information about Chinese celebrations and other general topics about China.
All students in these rooms were grouped to research information using the following steps. Locate and collect information, skim read the information, note take main points, plan a presentation and prepare a presentation based on our theme 'Festivals and Celebrations in NZ and other parts of the world'. We learned a lot and had fun putting our projects together for a common Cultural Expo for all to see. We invited students from other schools to view our projects and share our learning

By Chris, Leilani, Courtney, Laura, Mele T, Seneti

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Anonymous said...

well i guess its fair to say that all of the classes information was cool and interesting but i really liked what we did because i can say that i did that and that's what makes me glad