Monday, September 8, 2008

Fathers' Day

Poems composed by students from Room 16.

1. Father’s day!
Making breakfast in bed

Father’s day!
Big hugs and kisses

Father’s day!
Buying gifts and presents

Father’s day!
Playing family games outside

Father’s day!
Calm and relaxing

Father’s day!
Preparing special dinner

Father’s day!
Handing out special gifts

Father’s day!
Appreciation of fathers’ deeds

Father’s day!
Is soon going to be over, but how are you going to celebrate fathers’ day with your dad?

2. Father’s day!
Breakfast in bed!!

Father’s day!
All about Dads!!

Father’s day!
Can’t be sad!!

Father’s day!
Lazing around!!

Father’s day!
Watching rugby!!

Father’s day!
Special dinner!!

Father’s day!
Special gifts!!

Father’s day!
Going to sleep!!

Father’s day!
Wish it was everyday!


SPX Room 6 said...

What a wonderful poem room 16. I love father's day and enjoy having an excuse to spend the day with my Dad. I had a lovely day of playing golf with my Dad and then we had a big family dinner for my Dad and all my uncles. Hope you had lovely days with your dad's too.

Miss G
Room 6, St. Pius X School

Manaiakalani said...

Very cool poems Room 16. Sounded just like a typical NZ father's day!
Well done
Mrs Burt

Boaza said...

Hey Room 16!
You have done a great job with the father's day poem!! Well Done!

Tamaki Primary School said...

Dads are so special and so are your poems - really great use of words. My Dad loves having a fuss made of him but I have never written a poem for him. Good idea!!
From Mrs. Kelly

Anonymous said...

Room 16 your poem was really cool and I would love to read another poem. From Edmond