Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Term 3 Memories and Reflections

Here are the Term 3 reflections of what we did and achieved at school.
Term three has been full of glee and everyone enjoyed it. It was full of excitement due to the trips, our cultural Expo and many more.
Technology was awesome this term because we had Art. We learnt about the elements of art. We also had food technology in which we made food that was yummy, scrumptious and delicious.
Tamaki today was magnificent because we got to learn a lot in terms of video taping in an appropriate manner. Mrs.Raj supported us in uploading our awesome work on to This motivated us to produce quality work and also complete our work on time.
Quest production was brilliant. Our parents were very impressed about the show directed by the Tamaki intermediate’s music teacher Miss Dekker. It was awesome entertainment for all of us.
Basketball was exceptionally marvellous because some of the girls drove down with Mr Webb and Ms Curren to the basketball Nationals in Tauranga. They challenged numerous schools and came seventh out of all the schools that were there. They played fabulously.
One of our students went to Rarotonga on a school trip and had a lot of fun.
For our BP Challenge we had to make a business suit for both genders. We developed designing skills and critical thinking. We enjoyed being creative and the outfits looked great.
We also went to an exciting place called Maritime Museum. We were so lucky because our whole class got to go. We learnt to make different kinds of knots and went on a cruise to the Harbour Bridge.
We had earthquake drills at least 3 to 4 times and I think we are getting better and better every time we learn it.
Our China projects took us incredibly long to complete and display. But in the end we were thrilled that we completed it just in time for our year 7 expo. We made a model of the great wall of China, lanterns, dragons etc. and learnt a lot about the festivals and celebrations in different countries. We also developed a sense of respect and tolerance towards the other cultures.
Year 7 Expo was great because we had a countless number of schools and parents visiting our expo. While we were there we made videos and took photos.
That’s all the excitement we have had for term 3 and we can’t wait for next term.

By Daniel and Patricia Room 16

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