Friday, September 26, 2008

Term 3 was fun!

In room1 the first week of school we had a show and tell of our culture. Everyone was anxious about what each other would think. We each showed an item that represented our culture. We also created a class tree. Each leaf has our name and where we come from, it looks so cool.
The QUEST performance was marvellous. Laura was one of the three blind mice and dwarf. She looked very appealing. Ma’ata was goldilocks she was the best looking girl on the show! Kupakwashe was baby bear and a dwarf. She looked cute in her bear suit. Nooroa did a good job with the sounds. Abraham was great and actually looked like a pig from Texas. All four performances were great the hard work real paid of!
In week 5 we had cross country. From our class Chris came 1st and Ma’ata came 3rd. Ma’ata and Chris went to compete in the Eastern Zone championships. It was very tiring yet good practice going out for a run around the field.
All term we read the novel stormbreaker in for shared reading. It was an interesting story full of action. Once we had finished the story we got to watch the movie it was really cool.
In week six and seven Miss Walley went on a school trip to the Cook Islands. They had a great time in the sun and sand. Levi went as well and had a really great time. The rest of us spent our time at school and missed Miss Walley.
When Miss Walley came back we had piles of work to do on our project. We split into four groups and did projects on St Patrick’s Day, Royal Ceremonies, May Day and Bonfire Night. We even made a Guy Fawkes man. Our class had the most magnificent projects - thanks to Mrs Walley, Miss Walley and Mrs Tauri. When it was time for the cultural festival everyone adored our projects, even Mrs Raj thought we did really well. Laura, Levi, Jackson and Nooroa dressed up in costumes. We put a lot of hard work into this project of learning about festivals and celebrations in different parts of the world.
This term, two new wonderful class members called Jackson and Justin have joined Room 1.
By Ma’ata and Kupakwashe Room 1

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