Monday, November 16, 2009

Sharma's Grandparents Letter

Dear Mrs Baker

I know you have probably heard this plenty of times but I think I can convince you that my Grandad is the best in the whole wide world.

Sadly my papa lost his wife in 2007 of sickness and old age which means he is a widower. He misses his wife but still lives life to the fullest. Even though he's an old man, he gardens, cooks cleans and looks after me because I now live with him to keep him company.

To me my grandparents are the strongest people in the world and without them life wouldn't be the way it is right now. My papa is very lonely but when he has all his grandchildren around him he knows he's loved and there are people who care.

Despite the fact that my papa lost his wife and I lost my nan and we knew no one could take her place, and that a big part of our life has changed, we stay strong and know that she is in a better place. We keep a shrine in our house to remember my nan and celebrate all the good memories we have had together and although we all mourn her death we all also celebrate her life.

My grandparents were a wish come true and are the best gift a girl could have and I love them with all my heart.


Sharma Rapata


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