Monday, November 16, 2009

Boaza's Grandparents Letter

Dear Mrs. Baker

I think that my grandparents deserve the book because they are so sweet like an ever lasting lavender,
and so cuddly like a cloud that loves you back. They always ring my house to hear how we are doing and I always
try to get the opportunity to go to my grandparent's house to spend time with them. I would love if they get the
best grandparent award. My granddad
is very sick and cannot walk. One of his hands is paralyzed and he has
to rest most of the day so my grandmother has to do all the work. She works so hard for a 59 year old
loving grandmother, turning 60 this December. She has just suffered a loss of her only sister who lived in
Italy and my grandmother didn't even get a chance to say good bye.Neither did I get to meet her. Now she is alone with no sisters or brothers but she has my dad, my 2 aunts and her grandchildren. She has only my 2 brothers, my 1 sister and I as grandchildren so we always try to make her feel better. As for my grandfather, he is always glad to see us coming to see him and staying for a few nights. He enjoys the company that we give him. He loves us and so does my grandmother. This is why I think that my grandparents deserves the grandparents award because they're the best grandparents in the world. I love them so much!!

A Grandparent Poem!
It seems like only yesterday
Our lives were just beginning.
Your love for us never failed,
Our hearts continually mending.

It is strange to watch the time fly
Before our very eyes,
Which reminds me of the blessing,
That we have you in our lives

I love my grandparents
I love them so much
I want them to get the award
And a celebration brunch!

By Boaza, Room15

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Miss Walker said...

I enjoyed reading this letter about your grandparents. You obviously love them very much and they in return love you dearly.
I liked reading all the details about your grandparents so that I could get a real picture in my head about them.
Thanks for telling me about this blog and how to enter it. Now I can check in on a regular basis.
Miss Walker