Monday, November 16, 2009

Zeenat's Grandparents Letter

Dear Mrs Baker

There are so many relationships in this world and out of that a very precious one is between grandchildren and grandparents.
My grandparents gives me warmth,love, care and happiness. They tell me stories, teach me to be honest and they play with me. They are my best friends and I learn so many things from them.
I think my grandparents deserve this book because they have golden hearts which means they are very kind and helpful to others. They are very friendly and loving.
when When they got married they were very poor. They worked very hard to achieve there their goals and now they are happy with their there marketing business. They are my heroes. This pair is like Brad Pit and Angelina Joeline. Their love towards each other is sweet like a chocolate cake and deep like the ocean which never ends.


They are my foundation
if they did not exist then
I would not be here in this

They mean everything to me because
without them I would not
know whom I am.

They give me power of
courage,strength to
learn, to face
difficulties, love to others,
and how to respect

If I am a successful
person then I base
this on
my foundation which
are my Grandparents.