Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Small but playing Tall

Sharing our Personal Success Stories....

For the first three weeks of term 1 our topic was on Success. We looked at the steps to achieve success, successful people and our own personal success.

In Term 3 last year I was terrified of playing rugby at Tamaki Intermediate School because I was afraid of being tackled. I plucked up courage and went to practice and that's when I got better and better.

My confidence was back. I was asked to play rugby and the next thing I was on the team. Mr Utanga was very helpful as a coach. He kept telling me what I was doing wrong and continued coaching me.

Then we had a rugby game and I was one of the best players. This surprised me because I thought I would fail.

Mr Utanga put us into positions and I was brave enough to challenge the other teams. My position was hooker and my number was two, the same as my brother. This meant that he could help me play better.

The tournament came up and we were very excited. Unfortunately no other U45Kg teams showed up and we ended up playing Ripper Tag with the U55Kg Sylvia Park team and it was not good.

At the end of the tournament I felt great because I had improved heaps and Mr Utanga was proud of me. For a small girl like me, I was awesome. Yeah!

This is my success story.

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