Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Success Story

In December of 2009 I wanted to win the Year 6 Talent Quest because I knew I had a great voice and everybody encouraged me to take part.

I picked my favourite song which was in Samoan and English.I practiced day and night until I was confident. Then it was the day of the Talent Quest and I was so nervous because all the other contestants were so amazing. I was really scared but I had faith in myself. I went up on stage and dad played the guitar. Then I sang my heart out. I had a fantastic time because I knew I had sung well and I actually had fun.

After that a few more girls and boys performed. Eveentually the time came to announce who had the highest score. I was ME!

I succeeded and I was proudly rewarded with a hug from my family and friends.


Jeff Richardson said...

That is awesome that you had the courage to get up and share your talent with everyone. I am sure your singing made people smile and brought enjoyment to the crowd. Now that you have your first talent day under your belt, will you do it again? I think you should!

Mr. Richardson in Birmingham Alabama, USA

Pearl said...

I think you're a very brave person. Congratulations on winning, your parents must of been very proud. I think that was a big success for you. If you ever do something like this again have fun and do your best.

Shaye said...

Molly I think that your story is so inspiring because you believed in your self and you didn't get stage fright at all, you knew you had a great voice and wanted to show that off. Winning the talent quest you must of been so happy and I bet your family were very proud. The best part about it is you had fun! That was a very successful story!