Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Persuasive Argument

“A law should be passed restricting cats and dogs to urban areas only. They should be banned from bushes, forests and coastal areas at all times”
I strongly agree with this statement.

Firstly I agree that they should be restricted to urban areas only because dogs and cats and other animals are putting our national icon the kiwi in danger. The problem is that kiwi chicks are being killed by dogs, cats, ferrets, stoats and weasels so they should not be allowed in these areas. There have been quite a lot of attacks on flightless birds such as the kiwi, the kakapo and many more in the bushes and forests. The safety of the kiwis and other birds is of great importance. Only five percent of kiwi babies are surviving to adult age. To be safe from a stoat attack a kiwi has to be about a year old. The present population is now halving every year. Although stoats are the biggest threat to the kiwi, most of the kiwi close to farms and houses have been killed by cats and dogs.

Secondly there has also been serious attacks on people in these areas. Some attacks have been very serious and required extensive surgery and months of recovery. Allowing dogs and cats in coastal and bush areas becomes unsafe for people to enter these areas.

By restricting dogs and cats to urban areas we will not only prevent the kiwi population from becoming extinct but we can also prevent attack on humans. I think animal control should push for this law to be passed

Dogs and cats should be restricted to urban areas only because their owners have better control over them. They can be taken for a walk on a leash so they cannot wander off and cause harm to anyone. Some camps and caravan sites allow pets provided their owners follow their rules.
Therefore I strongly believe that dogs and cats should be banned from bush, forest and coastal areas because of safety to kiwis and other

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