Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Careers Expo Experience

Our hearts racing and filled with excitement just wanting to race to the hall and jump onto the bus and zoom away to the Expo at the ASB Showgrounds as we went to experience our first Careers Expo.
“Line up Roo 1 and walk quietly to the hall’, said Mrs Sigamoney. So off we went walking quietly to the hall. I was so excited that I just wanted to jump onto the bus and leave immediately but it was obvious that I had to wait and leave with my class.
“Excuse me Ina”, I said as I made my way to my seat. With a huge smile on my face I sat down next to Vanessa.
’”So what do you want to be when you grow up?”asked Vanessa starting our conversation. I replied that I wanted to be a lawyer and so we carried on asking each other questions and listened to our different answers.
“Ok everyone keep quiet, we have arrived”, said Mrs Raj.
We had arrived! I didn’t even know that we had arrived because it was so fast and all I wanted to do now was just to slip inside and start looking around.
WOW! This was the only word that came out of our mouths and the expression on our faces, was just so delighted and happy. I was just so, so ........excited I couldn’t explain it in words.

Now the first job I went to was the Engineering career. I collected quite a lot of information about ipads, anything and everything was what engineers made and did.

The second job I went to was the Faculty of Law. I took in lots of information as this was my dream job. I learnt if you wanted to be a lawyer you had to have really good reading, writing and communication skills. The salary range was 60,000 + and you had to have a good written CV.

The next job I Iooked at was Accounting. To be an accountant you had to be good at maths and keep a good account of money. In this profession you had the opportunity to make overseas trips to take care of different banks and businesses and the salary range depended on what stage you were working at.

“Could we please go to the Faculty of Medical Services?” I pleaded with my friends Ina and Sheralee.They agreed and we jumped into the next line.
It seemed like we had been standing there for an hour.
Then there was an announcement for Tamaki Intermediate students to meet at the entrance..At least we gathered some good information.

Soon we had arrived at school after all that huff and puff of hopping into the buses and coming back to school. At least we had learnt quite a lot and now I have a fair idea of what job I want and what the future holds for me which is Law and being a good lawyer.
Thank you Tamaki Intermediate for giving me this opportunity to help me with my learning and my future decisions.


Amy said...

What a great recount Ashley. Your choice of vocabulary shows how excited you were about going to the Careers Expo.

Miss Bayliss said...

Great Writing, Ashley! It was such a fun day, I remember it well :)