Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Careers Experience

A variety of jobs surround my head as I try and connect my skills and my passion and look at a career to focus on. As we arrive at the ASB Showgrounds in Green Lane, Tamaki Intermediate year 7 and 8 students and teachers marched out of the bus in a rush realising how late they were. Friday 10th June was the day I recorded in my mind. The day I would look at options for my career. This was the purpose of this trip and to also focus on our topic of Being Enterprising.

The room was filled with darkness. Only a few of the presentations were lit up. After checking on my group I explored the room with my friends beside me, looking for a career choice.
"Wow, an interesting job!” My attention was attracted to becoming a travel agent. Roaming the world and volunteering in several countries was now my dream. I cruised over, suddenly revealing my interest in travelling and interacting with people. The lady explained the qualities you need to have, entry requirements and the job prospects. Even more interesting, it was listed as my first choice for my future.

I walked about a meter away and caught a glimpse of a chef's hat. I turned in interest as the hat was beckoning me towards the exhibit of becoming a chef. Realising how empty my sheet of information was I pulled it out and listened to the lady at the front explaining the job of a chef. The positives and negatives were connected to my likes and dislikes and I chose to become a chef. But how could I remove the thought of becoming a travel agent? I couldn’t, so I carried on with the two thoughts wrestling in my head.

You will always have individual dreams which are chosen freely, your teachers will have dreams for you which are optional and then there are your parents who have dreams for you that are optional, but for some parents it is compulsory which is exactly my case. It's compulsory! My father has a fantasy of me becoming a police officer. I may consider it but I absolutely doubt the idea of becoming one for many reasons. Keeping in mind that he was my father I scoot over to their showcase, listening in on entry requirements, prospects and more. I have been proven wrong. Being a police officer didn't sound entirely horrible!

After enquiring about three careers I immediately felt the urge to start a business. But I couldn't. I'm only twelve years old.Scanning these exhibits I spotted many free things I want to carry back to school with me. In fact I already took three bags. Other than the free stuff this experience opened up a whole new world for me.


Lovepreet said...

It sounded like you had a great time at the Coca Cola careers Expo

felicity said...

WOW, that was really interesting to read! Reading that recount gave me the urge to start a business too!!

Becky said...

Hello that was really cool my name is Becky and i like cheese in a cup!!

yolenda said...

Afu I really enjoyed reading your recount on the, Career Expo. I liked your use of descriptive words. Keep up the great work.