Monday, December 7, 2009

Athletics Day 1

Friday the 13th November 2009 was a great day for athletics. It was Day One of our Inter-House Athletics.

There was a buzz around the school. Excited students and painted faces. I was in the Intermediate Boys Group A which was Calliope and Orpheus House. We all lined up outside on the netball courts, waiting for Miss Waetford’s instructions. Then each group proceeded to their first event. The events for the day were 100m, 200m, long jump, high jump, hurdles, shot put, discus and javelin.

Our first event was the long jump. It was a great event and Patrick from Calliope House jumped the furthest. We proceeded to our next event which was high jump. I didn’t like that event but I still tried. Unfortunately it didn’t go well again. I couldn’t wait for our next event the 100 metre sprint. This was my favourite event because I came 2nd but again Patrick came first. We were off to our last event, the hurdles. The hurdles were different this year. It was like a game obstacle. This time Orpheus won.

I think Athletics was so coll. I felt like doing it again!


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Eli, Sounds like you had a great day at athletics. I get the feeling that Patrick is a bit of an athletics star! You must be very good at sprints though. Perhaps you should join an athletics club over the Summer?
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

shot lomaa!!!! youre coming first naahh joax:):) sure looked like you had fun at athletics

room6 said...

You wrote a good recount about your athletics. That Patrick guy sounds like he is pretty good at athletics.

Keep up the great work.

Room 6 SPX

Sela said...

Hi Eli,
That sound's like you all had fun. I can't wait for our school to do athletics too.

From Sela in Rm 10 @ PT England.

Miss jane said...


seneti tukia said...

o my gosh . wow this was so long ago . i really miss being there at tamaki intermediate . we were the best . hope fully you young kids are still caring on uor achievments . well good luck with all your sporting . xox

seneti tukia