Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seneti's Labour Day Recount

It was exactly 12; 30pm and my family and I just had finished having lunch. We were on our way to pick up my sister from Parakai Pools in Helensville. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time going in a car since my accident.

When we arrived there the pools were packed. There were no free car parks so my dad went and parked on the grass like a true Tongan. We got changed and hopped into the warm pool. It was freezing because they had opened the roof. After a while, Ennett [who is the manager] released the hot water.

As soon as she had released the hot water my brother and I jumped into the water slide. It was fantastic! We were twisting and flying everywhere. We went about a million times until we gave up and had a feed.

The feed was scrumptious. They had sensational hot chips and their Fanta’s were freezing cold.

After our yummy feed we swam in the outdoor pools. I found it a bit over crowed so my brother and I swam in the rock pools. My brother and I were talking happily when all of a sudden it started to poor down. Suddenly all we heard was my aunty’s foot steps so we dived under and then waited. When she had gone, we got out and sprinted our way like cheetahs running for their lives.

I went inside and had another feed. I then got changed into some warm clothes and we went home. On our way home I didn’t trust my dad so I told him to pull over so Tonga could drive. At first he didn’t want to but then he thought about it and he swapped places.

All was well. I really enjoyed my day at the pools, even playing in the rain...


Room10@Ptengland School said...

A great recount of your Labour Day holiday, Seneti! I really liked the way you used lots of interesting words that described your day. It made me laugh, when you wrote that your dad parked on the grass like a true Tongan. I have never been to those pools before, how fantastic. Keep up the great work and I look forward to listening and reading more.

Miss Lavakula

Mele Rm15 said...

Oh! hi Seneti that was a awesome recount!!! i liked the part how your dad parked on the grass like a true tongan! That's how tongan's roll these days.
hope to see more of your great work.

Miss jane said...