Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Trip to Samoa

In Term 3 2007, a group of students and teachers visited Samoa. It was an educational cum pleasure trip. We had fun and loved the beautiful island in the South Pacific. We did not want to return to NZ because it was lovely in this warm place. A group of students who went on this tour made this movie. Thanks to Elizabeth F, Lavinia L and Susana F.


Korero Pt England said...

Well done girls. I can see that you had a great time there and some fantastic experiences. Thanks for sharing your story.

Mrs Burt

Tamaki Primary School said...

hi Tamaki Intermediate We loved seeing the great pictures of Samoa. We saw some familiar faces! Hi Elizabeth
From the Tamaki Primary Writing Group

Anonymous said...

Hi tamaki intermediate

I hope yous hade a lot of fun at samoa because it looks like yous had a lot of fun

By Samiuela

Anonymous said...

It looked liked you didn't want to come back from Samoa judging by the smiles on your faces. The movie I have just watched was great.Thanks for sharing the movie with me.

Anonymous said...

Well you can tell from watching this video clip you all had a lot of fun.While i was watching this movie i really wanted to be part of the trip you all took to Samoa.I hope you all had fun while you were in SAMOA.

Anonymous said...

Hi tamaki intermediate.
that is hard to do. well done girls. you can see that you had a great time there and some fantastic experiencen. thanks for sharing you story.

from amanda.

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there Tamaki Intermediate! You certainly got to see a lot of important features of Samoa and it's history! I've been to Samoa five times and still I haven't visited the home of Robert Louis Stevenson! I know however that he is a famous 'Tusitala'. Do you know what 'Tusitala' means? Did you visit the holiday resort that they named Tusitala?
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You've reminded me of the lovely place many of our parents and families call home.
x Mrs Tele'a, Pt England Primary

Anonymous said...