Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Magical Sleepover at Kelly Tarltons

Today was the day I went to Kelly Tarltons. I was even more excited because I was going with my class and Room 8. It was 5:30 p.m. and I was just getting ready. I shoved my sleeping bag into my little bag and hurried off. We arrived at Kelly Taltons at exactly 6:10 p.m. on Monday the first of November. This was part of out EOTC Programme.

I took the first ride with some of my friends in room 2. As we drove we saw the other van with the rest of my class in it. On our arrival we were greeted by our guide Darren. We had to wait in a classroom for the others. Then, the other guide Stephen explained the rules to us. After that we went on a tour with him and Darren.

While we were walking Darren walked off somewhere and I was suspicious. Finally we reached the penguin section and I ran to the see-through glass and saw the penguins just sitting there. Next we went down a short corridor to enter a room full of old stuff used in Antarctica. This was Scott’s Hut. Suddenly out of nowhere a strange figure with a sack over his head jumped out from the top bunk and lunged out into the crowd. It was only Darren trying to scare us and he succeeded.

After all that mayhem he took us to stingray bay and allowed us to feed heaps of giant king fish. This was awesome! Next Stephen said in a loud voice, “Let’s have a competition, boys versus girls!” Five boys and girls put their hands in. It was freezing and so cold so 2 of the boys pulled out and the score was 5 to 3 to the girls.

Then we spotted a massive stingray just hovering close to the floor in the tank while the other stingrays and the humongous kingfish went right past it.

It was getting late and Darren told us to get some sleep because we had more to do the next day. The lights went off and we were allowed to go exploring with our torches. It was an amazing experience. Eventually everyone went to sleep except for the 11 boys in the shark tunnel who were awake and talking all night.

“Wake up!” shouted Darren in a high pitched voice. We had to get out of bed, wash our face and brush our teeth. It was discussion time and then a big breakfast. We watched an interesting video on Kelly Tarlton the founder of the aquarium. After that we went to see the penguins and go on the snow cat ride. The ride was slow but the bonus was that we got to go twice. It was worth the wait to see the penguins and the king gentoo. Unfortunately it was time to go back to school.

We did experience a magical night at Kelly Tarltons.


Lorenzo Rm2 said...

Great story Phillip! I like the your sentence starters including the way you express your feelings too.

Raiden said...

Great writing Phillip. I like how you sequenced your recount. Keep up your fantastic writing and hope to see more.

Meshaq Rm2 said...

Awesome story Phillip! I like your introduction to your story keep up the great work lucky for you.