Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Learn To Speak Shona - Lesson One

Kupakwashe is from Zimbabwae and speaks Shona. In the video below she teaches Laura a few phrases in Shona. Watch the video below to learn how to say hello, thank-you, how are you and few other useful phrases in Shona.
The words are written on the screen in Shona and English for you to practise along with.

Written and produced by Kupakwashe from room one. Special thanks to Moli from room six for her great filming.


Mrs Raj said...

Great work Kupakwashe, Laura and Moli. Can't wait for the next episode.

spxroom6 said...

Wow!!!!. That was really fun learning Shona.

Was it Laura's first time speaking Shona? because it looked like she was really good at speaking it.

I hope to learn more languages on your blog.


Anonymous said...

this is great. I found which has a comprehensive Youth mp3 course in Shona, in addition to Beginner and Refresher levels. Kids can listen and learn on their phone!

Anonymous said...

thats an awsome video i come from zimbabwe to. hesi means hi pronounced like the subject hsie

zanele mugz said...

u better teach me how 2 speak shona !!! from zanele in england xxx lol