Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simply the Best

With the closure of our school our movie is about our amazing students both past and present and our staff. We highlight their academic achievements and their success in sport, culture and technology. We are really proud of our school.

Simply The Best - Tamaki Intermediate from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Te Tuhui in Pakuranga

On the 18th of February we went to Te Tehu in Pakuranga. We were accompanied by Mrs Baker and Mrs Taurie.
When we arrived there we sat on the mat and waited patiently for our Tour Guide. He introduced himself as Jeremy and then he took us to a room full of paintings.  He told us to observe what strange things we could see in the paintings.  We  saw many strange things like faces in vases, a dog on the couch, and a robot wheelchair with a TV at the bottom, a stick with a face and a monkey in the cupboard.
 We then went into the workshop room,we were very excited to do the art task. Jeremy explained to us what a 3D collage was.  We were given different pieces of plastic and cardboard. We began making our own 3D collage.
There were heaps of magazines on the table about horses, gardens and other things. We had to find a background from the magazine for our collage. Next we had to find a middle picture and then a smaller picture for the front. My picture was a girl on plates and my background was a smoothie We also looked through a telescope and saw upside down trees. It was amazing!
Finally we packed up and cleaned up our table.  Our table had the biggest mess. We had a fantastic time and we hope to visit an Art Gallery again some day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

School Swimming Carnival

Our School Swimming Carnival which took place on the 24th February 2012 at the Lagoon Stadium was amazing.

At first we lined up under the awning in our house groups and Miss Waetford spoke to us about participation and behaviour. We then decided what events we were taking part in. Next we got into the vans and headed to the pools. I was very nervous and jumpy because I am not that great at swimming.

There were different races like the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, walking and group races. It was so much fun. My first race was the backstroke. My heart was racing like the speed of light before the race. Mr Horan counted, "3, 2, 1" and off we went. I coudn't hear anything except for my breathing. I actually came third and I was relieved.

My next race was the walking race. It was not easy to walk in the pool. I struggled with this race. The group walking race was easier because it was a group effort and we had more speed. We came first and I was overjoyed.

The last race was the medley relay. We had to swim our best stroke. I did the backstroke because that was my best stroke. Sadly our house came last even though we tried our best.

After that Mr Horan gave us four minutes of free time but I was so cold that I decided to change. Overall Leander came first, Achilles second, Orpheus third and Calliope was fourth.

The Swimming Carnival was tiring but awesome.

My Success Story

In December of 2009 I wanted to win the Year 6 Talent Quest because I knew I had a great voice and everybody encouraged me to take part.

I picked my favourite song which was in Samoan and English.I practiced day and night until I was confident. Then it was the day of the Talent Quest and I was so nervous because all the other contestants were so amazing. I was really scared but I had faith in myself. I went up on stage and dad played the guitar. Then I sang my heart out. I had a fantastic time because I knew I had sung well and I actually had fun.

After that a few more girls and boys performed. Eveentually the time came to announce who had the highest score. I was ME!

I succeeded and I was proudly rewarded with a hug from my family and friends.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Small but playing Tall

Sharing our Personal Success Stories....

For the first three weeks of term 1 our topic was on Success. We looked at the steps to achieve success, successful people and our own personal success.

In Term 3 last year I was terrified of playing rugby at Tamaki Intermediate School because I was afraid of being tackled. I plucked up courage and went to practice and that's when I got better and better.

My confidence was back. I was asked to play rugby and the next thing I was on the team. Mr Utanga was very helpful as a coach. He kept telling me what I was doing wrong and continued coaching me.

Then we had a rugby game and I was one of the best players. This surprised me because I thought I would fail.

Mr Utanga put us into positions and I was brave enough to challenge the other teams. My position was hooker and my number was two, the same as my brother. This meant that he could help me play better.

The tournament came up and we were very excited. Unfortunately no other U45Kg teams showed up and we ended up playing Ripper Tag with the U55Kg Sylvia Park team and it was not good.

At the end of the tournament I felt great because I had improved heaps and Mr Utanga was proud of me. For a small girl like me, I was awesome. Yeah!

This is my success story.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

E Z Boys Softball Tournament

On Tuesday 28 February 2012 Tamaki Intermediate School hosted the Boys Softball Tournament. It was a home game for us. Yr 7 and Yr 8 boys from the schools in our area participated in this tournament.
At 9.00am all the schools arrived here at our beautiful school. We lined up on the netball courts and the first game started at 10.00am. The first school we versed was Bailey Road. We were anxious to play our first game and we managed to beat them by 5 points. Next we played Panmure District. They were good but not good enough for “TAMAKI INTERMEDIATE”. We beat them 7 nil. After that we played Parnelll District and that was a win for us again. All the games were played for twenty minutes.

After Parnelll we challenged Churchill Park but sadly we lost by five points. That was the only school we lost against. Then we got a twenty minutes break before we versed St Heliers and that was a win for us again. The score was an amazing 4 nil.

We played the finals against Churchill Park but unfortunately we lost. Overall we were placed second. This was a great achievement for us because we had improved from last year. We were rewarded with hot chips by Mr Furuvai.
That was the best day for me because I was part of this victory.