Thursday, March 26, 2009

Room 16 - Painless Poetry

Room 16 wrote painless poems in class. Some of the students recorded their poems. The students enjoyed writing their poems and describing different emotions. We hope you enjoy them too!


Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 16

Great poems! I liked the interesting and descriptive words you all used in your poems. It was nice to see a familiar face...Hi Synergy! Keep up the great work.

Mrs Lagitupu

Anonymous said...

Hello Room 16

I have just seen your video and I loved the poems. It was great to see and hear you describing through poetry your emotions.
Well Done! I'd love to see more poems.

Mrs Walley

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Room 16
I have enjoyed listening to your Painless Poems.
It was interesting to hear the different descriptions of your emotions as you all read them to us.
Well done with the camera work (Earle) and the editing too.
Mrs Burt

Moses said...

Awesome poems! room 16 It really tells me what things feel like. You guys sure know a lot of stuff. Can't wait to see your guys next movie keep the good work coming.

From Moses Pt.England school

Helen Pt england primary said...

Hi there Room 16
Wonderful poems and great voices. You guys gave me a clear picture of what you were saying in your poems. Great work you guys!Hi synergy I still remember you from Pt england anyways bye.
From Helen

Room6 said...

Hi Guys.. Interesting movie you guys made at Tamaki Inter..

Panmure Bridge Room6

Kori & Raymond

Marion said...

Bonjour mes enfants. What amazingly descriptive poems you have prepared and presented. Isn't it funny that we all have our own thoughts about what emotions mean to us. Your poems made me think about my visit to the dentist yesterday and I wondered if I could write my own painless poem to read to myself next time I have to go!!
Au revoir. Marion

stanley said...

Hi Room 16,

i like your poem you used descriptive and interesting words It was cool

Shaye said...

Good efort.